26 MAY 2017 – THE PAREU DAY!

Each end of May Tahiti and Her islands celebrate the PAREU!

But.. Do you know what pareu means and how you can use it?
Pareu, it’s a light and very colourful piece of fabric used to dress up, decorate or lay on. It is a symbolic garment and the pride of the French Polynesian people.
Despite its very ancient origins, very little is documented on the history of the pareu (click here to learn more).

On May 26th, Papeete shows off its most colourful pareu and organizes all sorts of activities: pareu painting, fashion shows, traditional music and dances, special movies, etc..
Put on your most beautiful pareu, take a picture and put it on Facebook with the hashtag #pareuday!! (Tahiti Tourisme official Facebook page).


The Tiki Village is an ancient Polynesian Village located in Haapiti, Moorea.
Come to discover the old “fare” (local houses), the museum and the ahimaa, a traditional oven where you’ll see how a real Polynesian meal is cooked.
At day, many activities are waiting for you: introduction to traditional dance & music, the making of Tifaifai, pareu dyeing, etc..
At night a marvellous Polynesian show is organized especially for the Village guests.
You’ll enjoy a traditional and delicious meal, a local dance wrapped up in a very festive atmosphere.




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