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Austral Islands

A World Apart

Discovered by the Europeans back in the 18th century, the Austral islands are located at the extreme southern border of French Polynesia. The archipelago is a place of peace and untouched beauty with its soft landscapes and temperate climate which makes farming activities a common practice and the first resource for its people. Each year from June to October the whales come to give birth and can be watched splashing in the waters just offshore.

This mysterious land made of white sand, cliffs, and high plains offers a memorable and unique experience of our islands. The visit of colourful and picturesque villages will take you to know the authentic Polynesian life.

The Austral Islands are made of 5 main islands:







Tubuai is a volcanic island where mountains and sea live together to offer breathtaking landscapes to discover during your stay. The main island is embraced by a string of little islets (motu) and the coral reef. White beaches border the main land.

In the inside, green valleys are grown with coffee, fruits and vegetables that all together can sustain almost the entire population.

The ocean is crystal clear and generously populated by all sorts of fish which make Tubuai a fascinating destination for divers.


This beautiful island offers all kind of activities and deserves to be explored for few days.
Made of limestone which has been eroded during the years, Rurutu has today a large number of caves, each linked to a legend or named after a God.

During high season (June to October) the whales can be spotted in the lagoon. You can observe them from the main land or have a closer encounter in the water.

A rich land provides the locals with fruits, vegetables and plants used to make marvellous woven items which can be found miles away on local markets.