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Marquesas Islands

Between Land And Culture

Land of legends also known as “the Land of Men”, the archipelago of the Marquesas is the most unspoiled of all with its massive and abrupt landscapes, made of high cliffs and sharp mountain peaks. Originally known as the land of the Maori people, today their songs, dances, tiki gods and tattoos are appreciated worldwide.

Each day the Marquesas islands bring in visitors eager for culture.
Aircrafts and cruise ships sail the skies and seas to come here to discover a long history of legends and Gods.
After many years, these incredible islands can still stir souls as they did in the past for Paul Gauguin, Herman Melville and Jacques Brel.

Nuku Hiva

Located on the northwester edge of the archipelago, Nuku Hiva is the largest of the Marquesas Islands. Known as the “Mystical Island”, the locals cherish its natural heritage.
The Hakaui waterfalls (third tallest in the world), the black sand beaches, the Hatieu Valley are just some of the marvellous sites you can discover.
One hotel and few guesthouses are there to take care of the visitors who wish to explore this pure location.

The small town of Taioha’e, administrative capital of the archipelago is a quite port, but be careful.. during cruise season you might not recognize it!

Hiva Oa

Second largest island of the archipelago, Hiva Oa is located southeast.
The island has a huge cultural heritage and it is a stop sailboats would never miss on their route.
The island history is deeply connected to some famous artist such as Paul Gauguin and Jacques Brel, both buried in the Calvary Cemetery overlooking the Atuona harbour.
The archaeological site of Lipona is home of some exceptional sculptures: Takai, the tallest stone Tiki in the whole French Polynesia, and Makaii Taua Pepe a unique Tiki carved horizontally.

Same as Nuku Hiva, the hotel and guesthouses are in charge of the visits of those marvellous wonders.