Austral Islands


Austral Islands A World Apart Discovered by the Europeans back in the 18th century, the Austral islands are located at the extreme southern border of French Polynesia. The archipelago is a place of peace and untouched beauty with its soft landscapes and temperate climate which makes farming activities a common practice and [...]

Gambier Islands


Gambier Islands The Secluded Pearls The remote archipelago of the Gambier is located southeast of Tahiti, secluded close to the eastern Polynesian border. The islands are enclosed by the same coral reef which makes this archipelago unique. The main island, also called Mangareva, is made of high mountains rising on the [...]

Marquesas Islands


Marquesas Islands Between Land And Culture Land of legends also known as “the Land of Men”, the archipelago of the Marquesas is the most unspoiled of all with its massive and abrupt landscapes, made of high cliffs and sharp mountain peaks. Originally known as the land of the Maori people, today [...]

Tuamotu Islands


Tuamotu Islands The Ocean Embrace A string of atolls set between sky and ocean and a world renowned scuba diver’s paradise, the Tuamotu is the archipelago that mostly reveals a blue tinged facette of Polynesia. The atolls are made of numbers of motu (little islets) that close together to unveil a [...]

Society Islands


Society Islands A Secret Garden Of Myths And Legends Considered as the heart and soul of French Polynesia, the Society archipelago gathers the most famous of the Polynesian islands. A mix of culture, nature, city life and incredible activities make this archipelago unique and guarantee a bursting experience of Tahiti and [...]